Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dub or Twerk?

Throughout my college years of going to parties, there are two clear genres that dominate the scene: dubstep, and hip hop twerk tunes. While dubstep and house music are certainly on the climb in the 21st century, twerk beats are just as hot, especially since Miley Cyrus did her thing at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Twerk beats take the cake for me. As a DJ, these beats simply have that club sound that actually allows you to DANCE. Though the lyrics can be profane, we live in an age where producers are dominating the game. The rappers and singers of the early 2000s 90s and 80s simply don't exist, at least in the mainstream, anymore. We hear Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, and Drake killing the clubs not with their voices, but through the producers they collaborate with. Sure, Whitney Houston and the Cover Girls were where it was at back in the day, but it's the new school now. Twerk hip hop has the best sounds, utilizing synthesizers, snares, and heavy 808s that get everyone dancing down and dirty.

I can't get into dubstep and house, it all sounds the same to me. Here and there, I'll hear a David Guetta or DJ Snake tune that breaks the norm, but listening to Sirius' Dance and Electric Station has me hearing redundancy over and over again for the most part. On top of the monotony, you can't really dance to these genres. It's more of ecstatic fist pumping and jumping up and down music... Don't get me wrong, some electric stuff, preferably from Europe, sounds really good and has that ominous "walking into the club" tone to it. Other dubstep and house is impossible to dance to. I respect the creativity, but am just not a huge fan of listening to it in the club, especially when everyone's trying to grind, not pump their fists.

So, this is why I always play hip hop, rap, and reggaetone when I DJ. It has the best melodies and timed bass to grind to and envelopes that dark club sound. Very interested to read your thoughts!!!

Best hip hop club tunes, in my opinion (excuse the french, but everyone's 18+ and people love it in the club, again, all about the beats these days): Loyal (Prod. NicNac) Wake Up in It (Prod. NicNac) Up Down (Prod. DJ Mustard)

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