Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hottest Club Music Out

In the 80s it was the Cover Girls. 90s was Madonna and Mariah Carey. The early 2000s saw 50 Cent, Lil Jon, and Rihanna take over the dance scene. Now? Well keep reading.

Tyga: Rack City, Hijack, Bang Out... Tyga has helped the "ratchet" music sound take over the club scene and hasn't looked back. His collaborations with DJ Mustard have kept the sound relevant and it shows no signs of fading out.

Rihanna: Only Girl in the World, We Found Love, Pour it Up... Rihanna was relevant since she came to the states in the mid 2000s, and her reign isn't stopping.

Sage the Gemini: Gas Pedal, Red Nose... Also taking advantage of the ratchet club sound by composing his own beats and collaborating with Mustard and production group League of Starz, Sage is as hot as anyone in the club right now, his music gets everyone grooving.

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